Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Day In The Life

The Beatles. They have little, if anything to do with the content of this blog post, but I think the title of their song “A Day In The Life” sums things up quite nicely I feel.

Tomorrow (10th November) is the day I believe to be 2 years since I last picked up a blade & cut myself. Sounds so crass doesn’t it? But it’s ok to talk, although I always tend to be careful not to trigger anyone.

A whole two years. That’s just over 10% of my life so far. I’ve fought many battles, many urges and many times have I felt like giving up but come through all of those to, in effect, be victorious. I took arms against a sea of troubles. Just as so many others are doing & have done. I never gave up & I found a way through a very tough period in my life which, touch wood, is behind me now. 

A day in life because it is another day in my life. It represents that I am still here, living & breathing despite not really wanting to in the past. It represents another day in my life on the way to getting where I want to be, achieving what I want to achieve & finding some sort of balance in my life. 

The one thing that saved me from myself was talking to people about how I felt. I’ve had so many positive reactions, so many people who have willed me to get better & to succeed in my life. I don’t always realise it either. There’s certainly some people who stand out as having made life that bit more bearable. Sometimes a bit of TLC & love is needed, tough love, soft love, but most importantly, unconditional love. It’s incredible to look at things, to see where I was, & where I am. I try my best to support quite a few people, some of whom I’m very close to. Thankfully, most of my close friends have come through their battles like I have & found some peace with themselves. Not all of them have, but those who haven’t are on the journey which I have no doubt will lead them to feel better in themselves. I’ll always do my very best to help people if I have that ability. Even more so with those who I love & care about, naturally.

Life is not something that you should give up on easily in my opinion. I’m not here to tell you what is right & what is wrong, that’s for you to decide, but there’s a lot of good things about life. Even when we can’t see them, or we cannot list them. Some of these things are intangible. There’s many things that cause us pain & suffering, but personally, I feel that the good things outweigh these. At least, eventually they do. 

There’s always hope. Hope & happiness, rationality. But HOPE. If you’ve got hope, then hold onto it because it means you’ve got something to build upon when it feels like everything is going against you. If you can, then find someone who is willing to give you everything they possibly can to see you through the tough times, the pain & the suffering. The person who will treat you the same whether you’re low or feeling good. A friend. A true, proper friend. 

I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped me get to this point. Thank you.