The beauty of hope

I was struggling to see how on earth I was going to write 7 blogs in 7 days this morning having felt like absolute shit to put it bluntly. Anxiety, loneliness, self loathing you name it, I had it. I even contemplated self-harm but fought back against it, with the strength to prevent it from encompassing all that I was feeling and thinking. You too can fight against those urges that so frequently penetrate through the wall we build to protect ourselves from emotional pain and suffering, but most importantly, to protect us from life when it gets to us.

Self harming isn’t something to be looked down upon at all, but we believe that there are better ways of coping. That’s all that it is, a coping mechanism. A destructive one, but a coping mechanism nonetheless. Whilst we try not to tell people what to do with their lives, there are many regrets that you can have from self harm, and many opportunities that can develop from finding a different way of coping. What are you talking about, life sucks, I can’t do anything, what’s the point, etc etc. Yes, some of you may be responding like that, and the fact I just said that is evidence that I’ve reacted that way before. So listen, and listen carefully. You can go for a run or a brisk walk in the fresh air. Try it, the benefits are there for both your mental and physical health, and you can get some peace of mind. I find that sticking my iPod in at the same time helps, especially with running! Choose a song that pumps you up and absolutely hammer your running for as long as you can, then rest and have a light jog.

Ok, so running isn’t for everyone, granted. Reading and writing are two other beneficial ways of coping. Express your emotions in the form of creative writing. Turn them into a story and maybe just maybe build up that courage to show someone. Reading a book is a great form of escapism, something like a sci-fi or fantasy book will help take your mind away from the current situation of what is causing you to feel the way you do.

All of these other coping mechanisms take a great deal of courage, but they also take a great deal of dedication. You have to really want to make positive steps forward.

There’s a lot of hope out there. It can find its way into your heart from the darkest of places, and it’s there to tell you that you are loved, and you are worthy of love, you are worthy of SELF LOVE. LOVE YOURSELF, don’t hate yourself because you are unique, you are one of a kind. That’s not just my way of trying to get you to feel better about yourself, it’s the truth. If you don’t believe me, then I challenge you to tweet us at Talk_Out and tell us the person who is exactly like you.

Hope is beautiful because it gives us strength, it gives us more hope and it brings us into a better place. Hope can be sourced from many places, but ultimately it comes from within. How do you realise that there is hope within you, and hope that can actually be used? By talking. By doing things, being active and not passive.

So I say to you, give it a try, when you feel all things are defeating you, just remember that there is always hope.


About itsoktotalk

22-year-old who has suffered from and is well on the way to overcoming mental health issues. I'm just like anyone else, and want to support people to let them know it is OK to talk about their feelings. Don't be afraid to speak out. It's ok to talk.

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